Getting Started With Essential Oils 

If you're wanting to enjoy an array of essential oils and to share them with others, then I would definitely recommend choosing a Premium Starter Kit with a diffuser

Note: There are no monthly orders or selling required when you become a member.  

Some prefer to shop for themselves. Others enjoy using the Young Living Essential Oils while at the same time creating a great income from selling them and helping others to do the same. 

I personally chose to purchase the Premium Starter Kit with Dewdrop diffuser and I have now fallen in love with the Young Living Essential oils. It now comes naturally to me to share about them, I do this through social media and blogging. I share my experience of the products and help others who want to experience the same benefits. 

If you would like to become a member of Young Living, then scroll down and click on your countries link. Choose which Premium Starter Kit you would like (there is also an option for a basic starter kit), choose whether you would like to enroll for the Essentials Rewards enrollment, create your account and submit your order. 


You can enroll with Rachel by filling out these ID details during enrollment.

She will assist you with your Young Living Essential Oils experience:

Sponsor ID: 19905280

Enroller ID: 19905280 

How Rachel Can Help You

Once you order your starter kit, I will immediately connect with you via email. You will then receive the following welcome package in the mail:

  • A thank you letter from Rachel

  • Rachel's New Team Members Welcome Pack

  • Compensation Plan Booklet

  • A surprise book gift from Rachel

  • Access to private Facebook support and training groups

  • Access to Educational Training Videos

  • Continual support and guidance

Thanks in advance for choosing to be a member of Young Living Essential Oils . You will be part of our Generation Essential family which is lead by an amazing Oily community. 

Young Living are growing Internationally! Please click on your chosen country shown below, choose your Premium Starter Kit, create an account and submit your order.