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Digital Artworks

Rachel Maytum digital drawings and photoshop digital art designs, featuring Twitch emotes, logos, social banners and custom prints.  

Digital Art Commissions

Order your custom Twitch Emotes or Digital Art Portraits.

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Twitch Emotes

Custom Twitch Emotes

Order your custom Twitch emotes. Digitally drawn using Procreate. To find out more and book your custom Twitch emotes, click on View More Details.

Digital design on a tablet

Digital Art Drawings

Digital Drawing Portraits

Hand drawn digital People, Celebrity, Animal Portraits using iPad and Procreate. Reference photo required. click on View More Details.


D&D Character Digital Art

D&D Character Digital Drawing

Freehand digital original Dungeons & Dragon's Character drawings. 

To find out more and book your D&D character digital drawings, click on View More Details.

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People | Pet

Digital Art

Digital Art Designs

Transform your photo into a digital art design piece using an Adobe Photoshop action & partial drawing.To find out more and book your custom digital art design, click on View More Details.

Digital Art Portfolio

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