Books and Resources to help you with your Young Living Essential Oils Business 

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Here are some recommended books to help build your Young Living Essential Oils Business.

Boss Up! will help you put your business on the map and the ideas you've previously only dreamed about into the marketplace. It will help you overcome your fears and guilt to find a fulfillment that changes you and your families for the better. And it will help you break free of the hard and boring and allow you to have fun along the way.

"Lindsay Teague Moreno is one of the smartest, most insightful people I've ever met when it comes to getting noticed. I read this, not just because I wanted to endorse it, but because I needed it. Don't miss this!" !

The Four Year Career® by Richard Bliss Brooke is known throughout the Network Marketing community as the best first look for prospects ... especially to build the belief of the skeptics. This compelling, generic, non-company specific, easy-to-read book is the single best recruiting tool you can use to open the door and invite prospects to just take a look.-

Meet Sarah Harnisch: bestselling author, certified aromatherapist, mother of five and passionate oiler. Sarah has experienced the pain and challenges of serious health issues, and knows the fear of stepping out and choosing natural solutions. In this book you'll hear her story of suffering from chronic migraines and learn the steps she took to build wellness and a toxin free life for herself and her family.

Essentially Driven is the quickest resource to help you get started the right way in your Young Living Essential Oils® business. This book spells out all you need to know, in an easy-to-understand way, without having to dig through tons of resources, scour hundreds of social media groups, and watch countless videos. This book will help you on your way to finding the life you've always dreamed of and having the time-freedom you never thought possible!

With a passion for helping others and a modern approach to sharing the oils, Sarah Harnisch made it to Platinum in Young Living in just 17 months. Now she's sharing her strategy in this densely-packed guide to take you from starter kit to Silver in Young Living. Understand the chessboard of network marketing and get practical advice for every aspect of your business. Includes scripts for classes, training leaders, invitations and closings.


Here is a selection of resources to help build your Young Living business. 

Monique walks you through the Young Living compensation plan. Grab your book, get ready to take some notes and prepare to learn the basics of how you can get paid as a Young Living member.