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Rachel Maytum Biography

Rachel Maytum

HEIGHT: 4'11"




Born and raised in Enfield, Middlesex, aspiring actress Rachel Maytum made a decision to begin her journey into screen acting at a point in her life where she felt she was ready to do so. In the past she had been involved in TV extra work and with The Bart Players; performing on stage in Belfast and Portrush but had never fulfilled her hearts desire to become an on screen actress.

Over these recent years, she has surrounded herself with actors, producers, writers and other types of creatives. She now feels it the right time to pursue what she's always wanted to do since the age of 12.
She currently is a member of the Acting Academy, and is using the membership to develop her acting skills and learn more about the industry.


You will see more and more things being added to her resume which you can download via her Resume page.

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