I do believe that the choices you make regarding your health and fitness plays an important part in how you feel, how you look, how you live your life. 

In 2009, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. The disease which many women suffer with, that can cause excruciating pain, and a list of severe symptoms that leads to a life of isolation and depression. It was only until I had three operations and made some changes to the way I eat, sleep and exercise that I started to feel 'normal' again. Before that I was always tired, in pain, bleeding non stop, overweight, depressed and lonely. I had to have a third of my bowel removed and full hysterectomy. My organs within my pelvic areas all 'glued' together because there was no where for the blood to escape and therefore each organ glued (stuck) itself together. 

Imagine your insides totally messed up! One of my ovaries glued to the pelvic wall. My bowel glued to my uterus. My spleen glued to one of my fallopian tubes. And many other areas glued to one another. That was me! 

Imagine the excruciating pain as the cysts on my ovaries burst. Imagine the fatigue as the body was trying it's best to heal all those areas but failing. Can you imagine?! I felt so ill. daily! Before my third operation, I would have a high temperature EVERYDAY! I would feel nausea, have migraines and my stomach would swell up like a balloon. I'm so grateful for my two surgeon doctors who operated on me. They saved my life! 

After my third operation, when I had a full hysterectomy and they cut through each organ, separating them from one another (took 5 hours) and lasering away the endometriosis. I woke up with hope for the future. My life was going to change...

Since then, I have transformed my life! I now exercise 4-6 days a week and eat healthy, nutritional food that eases my inflammation. I finally feel alive! My martial arts classes show me how much I have progressed in my endurance and confidence. I no longer suffer with fatigue or pain. I'm meeting new people and socializing. I now help people with their health and fitness journey. It feels great! You can check out my journey with fitness and nutrition via my blog.  

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